Apparently, I Should Be Using Face Oils On My Oily Skin—A Dermatologist Explains

Even as a beauty editor, I’ve followed my fair share of bad skincare advice. Some of it simply didn’t work for me, while other tips were downright harmful. I thought I didn’t have to wear sunscreen because I have darker skin (myth! load up on SPFalways!). I bought into the lies about DIY skincare (it might sound obvious, but never ever put straight-up lemon juice on your skin). And I thought that I shouldn’t use face oils for oily skin.

Oh, how times have changed. In fact, the product that really got me into skincare was the Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Blue Tansy Face Oil. The texture. The color. The smell. The undeniable results—all of it. I knew it was a game changer from the very first application. And since then, I have been devoted to busting this particular myth and finding the best face oils for oily skin.

Plenty of myths dominate the narrative surrounding oily skin, (especially complexions of the break-out-prone variety). And many of the products might do more harm than good. A surprising amount of so-called solutions are filled with alcohol and other harsh, stripping ingredients that irritate and dry out your skin. This might compromise your skin barrier or make your skin overcompensate by producing more oil.

Featured image courtesy of Stella Simona.

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