The Best Face Serums for Every Concern, According to a Dermatologist

While face washes and moisturizers can help you achieve your skincare goals, face serums are a more direct path to the complexion of your dreams since they usually contain concentrated amounts of active skincare ingredients. "Serums are laden with beneficial ingredients and are important to use both morning and night," explains Dr. Loretta Ciraldo MD FAAD, a Miami-based board-certified dermatologist. Finding the perfect serum for your skin's specific needs can be tricky since there are hundreds of options at various price points, but focusing on specific concerns can help you zero in on what ingredients are best for you.

What You Should Know About Serums

Serums are not a replacement for a moisturizer. "Moisturizers are more heavy weight products that are creams compared to the serums which are liquids. Therefore, moisturizer needs to be applied after serum for best absorption of each product," Ciraldo says. For optimal results, apply serums before moisturizers. "Serums are formulated with smaller molecular weight actives, so they penetrate deeper into the skin. If you apply your serum after a thicker formulation, the active ingredients may not penetrate as well," says Ciraldo.Whatever issue you constantly find yourself dealing with, a serum is a great way to single out and treat your problem areas. Check out these 16 serums to help you get the skin of your dreams.

Best for All Skin Types: Katini Skin Soleil Day Serum

Are you looking to enhance luminosity? This pick from Katini Skin is rich in vitamin C from native plants across Africa and Australia. Quandong (an indigenous Australian superfruit known for its incredible healing properties) and Marula (beneficial for smoothing and softening fine lines) work together to protect the skin against external factors. At the same time, apricot oil helps repair and flood the skin with hydration for a youthful and radiant glow. This skin-friendly formula is ideal for all skin types and can be used daily.

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