Seven New Beauty And Wellness Brands Leveraging Plant Ingredients

Katini Skin: Katini Yamaoka is the definition of a polymath. The New York-based Japanese-African artist and musician has added skincare entrepreneur to her list of accomplishments. Her brand Katini Skin’s four luxury facial skincare products priced from $75 to $115 speak to Yamaoka’s African, Asian and Australian roots by being formulated with ingredients native to Japan, Australia and Africa.

“I grew up in a small rainforest town in Australia,” shares Yamaoka. “I was raised plant-based and both yoga and meditation were a big part of my daily life. So, naturally, I became curious about self-care rituals using native plants. My mother taught me about the importance of health and nutrition, whereas my grandmother, who would visit once a year from Japan, introduced me to the incredible Japanese beauty traditions. I was inspired to learn more about ancient beauty traditions and rituals from all different cultures that used natural, wild harvest, and nutrient-rich ingredients.”

Katini’s Clarity Oil has emerged as an early favorite. Its formula contains Japanese ingredients like tsubaki, sake kasu and sea algae. “These ingredients are phenomenal when it comes to blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and sensitive skin. It is also my go-to to help with overall brightening and fading sunspots and scars,” says Yamaoka.

Though Katini only launched last month, the brand has already reformulated one of its offerings. Initially, Celestial Night Serum contained CBD, which Yamaoka says she’s a big believer in. However, because of the difficulties exporting CBD to some countries, she decided to reformulate the product with the vitamin C- and antioxidant-rich kakadu plum. Further product launches are planned for later this year. Katini has been picked up by Saks Fifth Avenue, and the brand is in talks with a handful of other retailers.

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