Expert Advice with Natalia Vardugina

The Top Active Ingredients to Look for in Facial Oils

Here at Katini Skin, we understand the tremendous benefits of incorporating facial oil into your skincare routine. But what active ingredients should we look for when choosing an oil?

This week, our team sat in conversation with Natalia Vardugina, a Skincare Specialist and esteemed New York Aesthetician, to uncover her secrets for achieving healthy skin.

As per Natalia’s expert advice, here are the top three active ingredients you should consider when incorporating an oil into your skincare routine:

Get glowing with antioxidant oils.

Antioxidants — “I love antioxidants because they are so helpful when it comes to protecting the skin from environmental stressors.” says Natalia. “Choose an oil that contains antioxidants packed with Vitamin C or E, as they are the best at promoting a brighter, more even skin tone.”

Nourish your skin with fatty acids.

Fatty Acids — “Never skip out on fatty acids, like Omega-3 and Omega-6. These fatty acids are highly nourishing and help strengthen the skin barrier, improving overall hydration and reducing inflammation.”

Revitalize your skin with ceramide power.

Ceramides — “Naturally occurring lipids in the skin, Ceramides help to retain hydration and balance the skin’s moisture barrier. One of my favorite naturally occurring ceramides is wheat germ—which is a source of ceramides AND fatty acids, so it’s a great two-in-one.”

Take the first step towards achieving healthier, more radiant skin by incorporating a facial oil with these essential active ingredients into your daily skincare routine! For further assistance or product recommendations, contact our knowledgeable team. We are here to help you on your journey to beautiful and healthy skin.

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